Blog Post #7

What insights do you have about working in digital public humanities as a result of this experience? What new questions or ideas do you have as a result of this experience?


The main insight that I have gained is not there is not one way to define or to do digital public humanities. I had no knowledge of exactly what digital humanities was when I started, just a vague notion. The magnitude of public humanities is a dimension I had not really contemplated in any meaningful way before enrolling in the program. Since then, I have found out how diverse and seemingly endless the possibilities are for how one can approach public digital humanities. Working with the Freer and Sackler Galleries on the mapping project has given me a clearer understanding of how one can organize a project beyond setting up a web site. Because the mapping project was just one component that included an entire issue of an art journal, Ars Orientalis, and blog post, it made the work a comprehensive exercise. In terms of the project that I had in mind when I decided to apply for the certificate program,, I am now much clearer as to how I would want it to function. I can see how it would invite interaction with the public, reflecting the history of Florida’s ethnic communities as well as how these have changed over time. I am working on a grant proposal that I will be submitting to our state humanities council once my college has given its approval. The various programs that I have learned to use really help to make my digital humanities projects look more professional and their versatility has meant that I am able to be more specific in the design and dissemination of information. Reaching out to local historical societies is something else that I had not thought about before this program. Having to do so in order to get information about immigrant groups to specific Florida regions is helping to move the project forward as well. Furthermore, I have started to use the programs for other presentations and feel confident that by incorporating so many specific details and using programs that best transmit the ideas for the public digital humanities project, it conveys a clarity of purpose that will help when I apply for the grant. My thought process has evolved to thinking about multiculturalflorida as part of a community of practice where the public and the institution can work together to create a digital site of memory, culture, and history.

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